Wacky Squirmy Wormy

Worms form a large component of most fish species’ diets. Imitating the various earthworms, aquatic earthworms, bloodworms (midge larvae), leeches etc. should always form part of your flybox.

Using micro chenille, it is easy to tie these flies, and you can quickly fill up a box.

These flies are, however, not just a good worm imitation, but they can also be used as a tool. Tying the squirmy chenille material at a 90-degree angle to the hook allows you to achieve various drifts. Depending on how long the material is, you can significantly slow down your drift and sink rate. The sink rate can further be manipulated by tying them in various bead sizes. This 90-degree orientation of the material on the hook, allows you to guide the fly with the current, especially in a downstream orientation and into structures such as undercuts and vegetation overhangs.

Material list:

Fly tying tutorial video

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Eastern Cape Highlands

22-29 April 2023