Pieter’s Maury Splitwing

A brief history of the fly

The Maury Splitwing was a fly I tied during March 2020, during Covid lockdown. The first version had a tail, with an olive body and tied on a standard straight shank dry fly hook. I first used it in September, 2020 at Diamond River Outfitters’ Yellowfish Camp during a Bluewing Olive hatch. The Smallmouth Yellowfish loved it and I caught plenty fish on this dry fly during that trip.

In April 2021 I changed the pattern slightly. While speaking to my friend about it, his autocorrect changed the word “mayfly” to Maury and so the name was born.

I have caught plenty Trout and Smallmouth Yellowfish on this fly. One of the fondest memories being a day on the Karnmelkspruit I managed to catch a 100 Rainbow Trout on a single fly, with my tippet being stretch so much that it ended up being white.

Why it's so darn good

One of the main reasons I love the Maury Splitwing is that it is very quick to tie. The major benefit of using a synthetic material for the wing is that it requires minimal maintenance after being treated with floatant.

During an evening hatch, which sometimes only lasts 30 minutes, it is essential to have a fly you can easily see in low light and that keeps floating after catching multiple fish.

Material list:

Fly tying tutorial video

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Eastern Cape Highlands

22-29 April 2023