Vision Hero 35 Nymph & Dry Reel


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Just like the Vision Hero fly rod series, the Vision Hero series of reels offers the same level of value. These reels are manufactured using die-cast and machining processes, and we can assure you that the tolerances are spot on. The drag consists of five carbon and stainless discs and offers more stopping power than you’ll ever need from a freshwater reel.

The Hero 35 Nymph & Dry Reel

This is one of our favourite reels in the Hero series, as it’s a great inexpensive option for the small stream angler. Probably the best part of the design is that it has a full cage. This design means that you won’t have to deal with thin small stream or nymphing lines slipping between the spool and cage.

More models to follow as soon as we’re done testing them on the water.

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