Soldarini Three Tone Indicator Line


Tightline nymphing techniques don’t require traditional strike indicators floating on the surface. Instead, a ‘sighter’ is put in-between the leader and the tippet. This sighter doesn’t suspend the flies, however, it allows you to see small movements during the drift and also track your drift speed.

This sighter by Soldarini Fly Tackle is used to follow the leader and the drift much better. The three-tone monofilament is highly visible, whatever the color of the background might be. Between the tippet and sighter, you can use a tippet ring or a perfection loop on the end of the colored nylon. The colors change every 60 cm (fluoro pink/black/fluoro yellow) and you can customize its lengths to match your requirements.

Eastern Cape Highlands

22-29 April 2023