Reel Fly Fishing Euro Nymph II Fly Line


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The Reel Fly Fishing Euro Nymph II is a floating freshwater fly line that has an exceptionally thin diameter of 0.55mm and no taper. The specialised nature of this line fits perfectly with our Euro nymph fly rods and has been designed to offer minimal drag but maximum feedback. We have rated the line as a 0 weight, due to the lack of any taper, however, the line works on all dedicated Euro nymph fly rods from 0 through to 5 weight.

The bright orange sighter sections on the front and rear of the Euro Nymph II fly line make for quicker sighting as well as allow you to use either end of the line. A small welded micro loop connection keeps your notes small and unobtrusive. The low-key grey colour helps to further reduce line flash. This makes the Euro Nymph II especially effective when fishing clear streams and rivers where you need to either use a dry/dropper setup or fish a much longer Euro Nymph setup.

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