Reel Fly Fishing Beast Fly Box


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The Reel Fly Fishing Beast Fly Box is ideal if you’re looking for a large-capacity container for large flies. The box is double-sided with the one side suitable for smaller flies, and the other suitable for larger flies because.

With an ample capacity of 636 slots and an extremely deep recess, the Beast fly box is ideal for small and large saltwater flies. The fly box will also work well as a boat box filled with Largemouth Yellowfish flies, or used as a stillwater trout fly container.

Beast Fly Box Specifications:

  • 33cm x 25cm x 9cm
  • Heavy-duty double clips on each side
  • Clear viewing panels on each side
  • Soft-touch foam handle
  • 636 slitted foam inserts
  • Rubber sealed for water resistance

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