Mouche Bio Sighter


The Mouche Bio Sighter is made from high quality environmentally friendly ingredients. Proudly made in South Africa. Part of Mouche’s quest to become environmentally responsible beyond just catch-and-release fishing.

The Mouche Bio Sighter is temperature stable and only has a small variance in softness. For best results in colder temperatures, apply the Mouche Bio Sighter by running it up and down the line two to four times. In warmer temperatures, only run turn the knob a small amount and run the sighter once over the line.

The yellow, orange, and pink sighters work best in bright conditions and the green and purple can be used as contrasting colors when fishing in share or high-glare scenarios.

Store closed between 3 and 7 July 2023.

We are away between 3 and 7 July. Any orders placed during this time will be posted on Monday 10 July. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Eastern Cape Highlands

22-29 April 2023