Alphlexo Crabs by Flyz Inc.


Alphlexo Crabs are probably the widest used crab fly out there, and for good reason. The fly has a realistic profile and the legs have enough movement. But probably the biggest reason why the Alphlexo crab fly works so well is the way that it sinks. Because the body of the fly is made from an expandable mesh, water can flow through it. This means that correctly tied flies don’t flip around or hover in the water.

Alphlexo Crabs get down to where the fish are feeding fast and in a realistic way.

The Flyz Inc Alphlexo Crabs are tied on proper hooks, varying between the Gamakatsu SL12s or the7 SL11-3H hooks, depending on the fly size.

Price is per fly.

Store closed between 3 and 7 July 2023.

We are away between 3 and 7 July. Any orders placed during this time will be posted on Monday 10 July. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Eastern Cape Highlands

22-29 April 2023