2023 Maclear Ladies Festival

Special offer

We at Stream and Sea are very pleased to be part of the 2023 Maclear Ladies Fly Fishing Festival. As part of our support we’d like to offer participants the opportunity to place pre-orders in order to prepare for the event.

Why Pre-Order?

One of our main focus points at Stream and Sea is to support the development of fly fishing as a pastime and sport. We, therefore, are offering a pre-order with reduced prices to support the participants of the event. This will also allow you to order the exact items you need.

Pre-order Cut-off

In order for the items to be ordered, shipped, and posted to you, we would like to receive the pre-orders as soon as possible. 

All pre-orders must be placed and paid for by Wednesday, 14 June 2023, at midday.

How to pre-order

As mentioned, the pre-order is only available to participants of the 2023 Maclear Ladies Fly Fishing Festival. 

All pre-orders can be placed via an email to pierre@streamandsea.com. Simply send a list of the items you need, and we’ll send you directions from there.

Items We Recommend

Here are items we recommend, and have included the special prices which are only available for the festival participants. If you’d like to order any other items from Vision Fly Fishing, please feel free to visit their site and let us know exactly what you need.

You are welcome to pre-order anything from the Vision catalog at a standard reduced rate of 10%. View the full catalog by following the link below, and let us know what you need.

Vision Tossu 2.0 Wading Boot

The Vision Tossu 2.0 Wading Boot is available in either a rubber or felt sole. We’ve been using them ourselves for a long time, and they are really great value for money.

Available in US sizes from 6-14. We can assist with sizing advice, simply mail us at pierre@streamandsea.com.

Regular price: R3050

Pre-order price: R2592

Vision Tool Breathable Stockingfoot Waders

The Vision Tool Breathable waders are very comfortable and hosts a huge amount of storage space on your chest. They are also available in a wide range of sizes.

We can assist with sizing advice on request. Simply email us at pierre@streamandsea.com.

Regular price: R5000

Pre-order price: R4250

Vision Hero 35 Fly Reel

This is a great small stream reel. The fact that it has a full cage means that light, small stream fly lines don’t slip out the side of the spool.

Regular price: R2500

Pre-order price: R2125

Vision Hero Fly Rod

In our opinion, the best value for money rods around at the moment. The Hero’s extensive offering ranges from heavy stillwater rods to delicate small stream 3wts.

Regular price: R4400

Pre-order price: R3960

Vision Landing Nets

There are three nets in the family, namely the Meri (large stillwater net), Nymphmaniac (best allrounder), and the Rivermaniac (best suited for rivers)

Regular price: R750

Pre-order price: R637

Vision Ultra Light Nymph Line

One of the best nymphing lines out there that doesn’t break the bank.

Regular price: R830

Pre-order price: R747

Vision Nymphmaniac Fly Line

The Nymphmaniac fly line merges the best of both worlds for the small stream angler. A nymphing section up front, and a castable portion of the head means you can effortlessly transition from nymphing to dry fly fishing.

Available between 2wt and 4wt.

Regular price: R1730

Pre-order price: R1470

Eastern Cape Highlands

22-29 April 2023