Vaal River Smallmouth Yellowfish Day Experience

September to April

Smallmouth Yellowfish is our most popular indigenous fish to target with fly fishing techniques in South Africa. They are found throughout the Vaal and Orange River catchment area as well as rivers in the Eastern Cape where they were stocked. The most popular destinations to target them while fly fishing are the Vaal River around Parys and Potchefstroom, Sterkfontein dam, Vanderkloof Dam, and Lesotho.


These trips are offered from September through to April, weather depending.


Up to 2 hours travel time from Johannesburg on the Vaal River and smaller tributaries. The most common destination would be fly fishing the Vaal River near Parys and Potchefstroom.


On these weekend day fly fishing experiences on the Vaal River and smaller rivers you can expect to learn a variety of techniques which include Euro Nymping, Micro Streamer fishing, dry fly and dry and dropper flyfishing etc. The experience will also touch on basic casting techniques, identify aquatic insects (entomology), reading water and approach, and lasty fish fighting, landing and care.

The aim of these experiences is to learn to fly fish, learn new techniques and become a better fly fisherman in general. The Smallmouth Yellowfish Experience caters for beginners (women and men looking to do fly fishing for the first time), more advanced anglers, and children (parental attendance essential or parent and child fly fishing experience).

We also have the flexibility to do custom experiences including corporate fly fishing events.

Package Details

R2 500 per person per day


  • A small pack of Smallmouth Yellowfish nymphs, streamers, and dry flies
  • Euro nymphing leader and other fly fishing leaders
  • A light lunch and one non-alcoholic drink


  • Fly fishing gear (gear can be bought or rented from Stream and Sea)
  • Wading boots (can be ordered through Stream and Sea)
  • Additional fly packs
  • Travel to and from the venues
  • Accommodation (can be arranged through Stream and Sea)
Please note, the Smallmouth Yellowfish Experience is weather and river flow rate dependant.

Smallmouth Yellowfish Day Experience

Eastern Cape Highlands

22-29 April 2023